No More Free Bangkok Bus Rides By 2018

RIP free Bangkok Bus rides. These Bangkok bus are consider one of iconic sights in Bangkok. As you see Thai folks using them as their daily transport tool and tourists board them to catch a old vintage feel of its good old days.

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You would sometimes see a vague formation of a bus stop and passengers waiting for their bus, because not all bus stops have signs and stands marking a stop. Part of Bangkok ya.. Fascinating~

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No More Free Bangkok Bus Rides By 2018 queue

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These 800 Bangkok bus providing free rides service will be totally phased out by early 2018, announced by BMTA director: Mr Surachai Eamvachirasakul; As BMTA starts installation of a new common ticketing system. The first 200 Bangkok bus will be taken out of service as early as September this year. Better keep your old bus tickets as souvenir.

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No More Free Bangkok Bus Rides By 2018 Ticket

Through termination of the free Bangkok bus service would lead to more efficient budget expenses, Thai low-income earners will get new tickets to subsidise their travel costs by 500 to 600 baht per month.

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