Travel E-Gadget Smart Phones

Traveling in Asia, bringing along the right E-Gadgets / tech accessories can make your trip both more enjoyable, and comfortable. At , we have selected our top 10 gadgets not to be missed when making your way through asia – From action cameras to document high intense action experience to a battery power bank to ensure your phones are always well charged. Be it a beach vacation or a city excape, these accessories are sure to help you get the most out of your upcoming adventure.

Below are our Top 10 Travel Gadgets Pick

1. Smart phone

Travel E-Gadget Smart Phones

These days, what is more important that a Smart phone, needing it everyday, never forget to bring them. Bringing a right one can also save you the weight of an additional camera, the camera’s chargers, extra battery and so on!

2. Action Cameratravel egarget camera

Nothing is more worthwhile to bring back then an actual experience. Bring it back and share your adventures with your friends, love ones, children and grandson

3. Memory Card(s)Memory-card-comparison

Depending on your addiciton on photography, do just grab more of these, you know what we mean!

4. Portable Computing power (Laptop)Travel E-Gadget Portal Computing Power

If its gonna be a long stay, you might want to just slot your mac or your surface into your back to ensure you have sufficient computing power for photo processing, trip planning, work(try not to!) and many thing else

5. Universal Travel Adapter + Multi PlugWorld-Travel-Adapter-USB-Universal-Travel-AC-Power-Adapter-Adaptor-Plug-Adapter-2-Usb-Charger-plug

Never for get one of these, and if you are traveling with your family/friends, do grab a quick multi plug so everyone gets to charge their phone at night

Depending on your need, one of those with multiple USB ports might works well too!

6. Power BankTravel E-Gadgets Power Bank

This guy is pretty important recently, in times of need, he can save your phone, camera, portable fan, and everything else

8. Handheld Weighing Scalehandhend weight scale egadget

Into shopping spree? don’t miss this little useful thing

9. Bluetooth HeadPhone / Speakerse-gadget headphone and speaker

Don’t wanna be without one of these during your flight or at a beach party!

10. Portable electronic fane-gadget fans

Some part of Asia can be hotter then you think, grab one of these with re-chargable functionality with the same adapter as your smartphone so you can charge things up with your power bank as well!

Anything we missed out? Do feel free to share with us in the comments below!




  1. 1. Smart phone: Do recommend some useful apps such as Google Maps, GPS Coordinates Tracker, language translator, UberX, Offline Games (to kill boredom), etc. Make sure you smart phone has installed flashlight too as it could be real useful in the dark. Maybe you could suggest which telco would give the best data/connectivity in each region.

    2. Action Camera: Not a must as it creates more weight to your haversack/backpack. I personally think that a good camera/smart phone would be able to provide good quality video/still shots. Do make sure your camera is WIFI equipped so that you can send to your mobile for your social media updates.

    3. Memory Card(s): It’s a must to have more depending on your needs.

    4. Portable Computing power (Laptop): I’ll try to avoid taking any work with me when on vacation. #3 would be sufficient enough for me.

    5. Universal Travel Adapter + Multi Plug: Since I always travel in pair, It’s a must for me to bring at least 2 universal travel adapter plus an extension with at least 4 plug points with USB slots.

    6. Power Bank: This is the #1 friend when traveling. However, make sure you also bring along your universal travel adapter and charger in case of emergencies. I’ve encountered draining all my batteries (mobile, camera, powerbank, etc) during a whole day trip out of hotel and luckily I managed to charge my gadgets in one of the cafes. Do also advise on the maximum electric charge volume you can have on board the plane, eg. Thailand custom has no restrictions on the number of powerbank units you can bring on board but each unit should not exceed 30000mAH. However, do separate them in different pockets in your hand-carry so that it would pass through the screening easily.

    7. You left out #7

    8. Handheld Weighing Scale: It’s a must for me too as I always tend to be on a shopping spree~ LOL~ 😛 However, do make sure that you hand-carry do not exceed the allowable weight as airlines (Eg. Taiwan) would be quite strict on its rules. Maximum overweight should not exceed 1kg or the excess baggage would be chargeable.

    9. Bluetooth HeadPhone / Speaker: I personally prefer to travel light, I do bring along an pair of earphones.

    10. Portable electronic fan: I did bring along a detachable one that’s lightweight, used via mobile or powerbank.

    – Foldable luggage bag to save on one-way check-in luggage fees if flying via budget carrier.
    – A small face towel in your hand carry just in case you need to freshen up when in transit.
    – An empty water bottle which you can fill up when you have gone into the boarding area.
    – Selfie stick
    – Fish eye lens for mobile
    – Fitness watch to monitor daily exercise
    – Waterproof case for underwater or water related events
    – Lightweight slippers
    – Portable Playstation