Learn Thai Language (Lesson 1)

Learn Thai language can often be a stumbling block for many. Especially, if you would like to ask for directions, bargain, or even trying to blend with the locals, etc.

If you are going to Thailand, I do not want you to be like most of the tourists. Instead, I want you to experience a side of Thailand, through Learn Thai language, that most others would never do.

But if you are heading to Thailand next week, and you need some quick advice on what are some of the basic Thai words to use. You are in the right page.

Learn Thai Language (Lesson 1) – The 9 common basic Thai words being used daily.

Take Note: Always end your sentences with the polite/formal word. For guys: Khrup. For ladies: Ka.

1. Hello – Sawadee

2. Thank you – Kob khun

3. I love you – Guys to Ladies: Pom rak khun / Ladies to Guys: Chan rak khun

4. Toilet – Hong Nam

5. How much – Raa kaa tao rai

6. Beautiful – Suay

7. Food – Ahan

8. Delicious – Aroi

9. Where to go – Pai Nai

Enjoy and have fun. Learn Thai Language for the Land of Smiles 🙂

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