Most Popular Thai Food Round The Clock

You may easily get lost in Bangkok, but you’ll never go hungry. There are Thai food round the clock available just around almost every corner. Generally, Thais eat three main meals a day just like the rest of the world, but they also have a habit of having supper especially after a great night out.

One of the things I love so much about Thailand is that I can go to the market early in the morning or late in the night and eat a delicious meal of just about anything I want.

Find out about the Most Popular Thai Food Round The Clock with KenKoh.Asia handy infographic:

Most Popular Thai Foods Round The Clock


It begins early in the morning with stalls dishing up bowls of chinese style porridge (Chok)for taxi drivers, or a office man who juggles his bowl and briefcase. By 8 a.m. the streets are lined with customers munching deep-fried dough (Pathongko) and soya bean drink (Nam Taohu). Meat lovers would prefer to eat from a plastic bag of sticky rice with grill chicken (Khao Niao Mu Ping).


Due to busy lifestyles, most city dwellers prefer something quick and easy to fill up stomach like a bowl of noodles (Kuai Tiao). Rice lovers go for curry on rice mixed with several other dishes (Khao Rat Kaeng), it’s a popular kind of Thai style of fast food. Ladies with small appetite like to order Thai salad (Yam). Some would order Yam with MAMA instant noodles for a more filling lunch.


Dinner is the time for gathering with family or friends, over on a dining table. Ordering various dishes shared together. A typical Thai dinner will consists of a soup and/or curry dish, a salad, a fried dish and desserts. Normally there would be a mix of spicy and mild dishes for ‘balance’ and to neutralise tastes.


Late into the night, the eating continues. When the parties end, Thais head for night market stalls that sell warm, soothing bowls of rice porridge (Khao Tom) along with a variety of stir fried dishes which will help remedy the after effects of too much alcohol.