Thailand Tax Refund Tips And Procedure For Tourists

Bangkok has earned a reputation as the shoppers’ haven, a shopping paradise. Apart from the very competitive price you can also enjoy the benefits of various discount at many shopping malls and department stores. On top of that, there’s a 7% Tax refund / Vat refund scheme for tourists. You can enjoy it at various countrywide Thailand tax refund retailers.

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Retailers participating in the refund scheme display a sign stating: “VAT Refund for Tourists”.

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You can take a look at the tips and procedure shown below: Thailand Tax Refund For Tourists

Thailand Tax Refund Tips And Procedure For Tourists

You can take a look at the procedure shown below: Getting your thailand tax refund back at its international airports.

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Thailand Tax Refund Tips And Procedure For Tourists

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Key points to take note:

  • Goods must be purchased from a store that participates in the VAT refund for tourists scheme
  • The minimum amount of your purchase is 2,000 Baht.
  • Goods need to be taken out of Thailand within 60 days of purchase.
  • You must present the original tax invoice to claim a VAT refund.

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I have also included Thailand Tax Refund table, for your ease. Now you can easily find the tax refund amount you are entitled to for your stuff.

Thailand Tax Refund Tips And Procedure For Tourists

Let’s Go Shopping in Thailand !!!!

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  1. ***BE AWARE OF TAX REFUND TIE-UP*** YOUR MONEY WILL NEVER GO BACK WHEN SHOPPING IN THAILAND. My husband bought a ring to propose me in Thailand. Because the tax refund amount of money is over $1000 they ask us to choose the bank transfer cash back. 2 years from then, after so many calls, they have so many reasons to hold back the moneys like: it s on my boss table, it s going to be back soon, it s on bank transfer blablabla but then the final call i made after 2 YEARS after so many line transferring they said now it s depends on “the boss”s decision and “the boss is too busy”. I guess I am only one in million tourists and just 5% of this tax-refund tie-up each years, guess how much profit the tax refund office can make. BE AWARE OF SHOPPING IN THAILAND!!! You might never get the money back like me. Thailand tax office takes life times to ever think of pay your tax refund money back!