Tips To Bangkok Tuk Tuk Travel

One of the most iconic ways to get around Bangkok has to be the colourful and crazy Bangkok Tuk Tuk! These motorbike taxis with three wheels and no windows are hot, noisy and lots of fun and these tips to Bangkok Tuk Tuk travel will tell you what to expect and avoid!

Tips For Bangkok Tuk Tuk Travel

Tip 1: Avoid Bangkok Tuk Tuk rides along congested roads

You don’t want to be stuck in traffic for hours, sweating and breathing in the hazardous fumes from engines all around you. Other than hazardous fumes, with no doors and windows, you are getting yourself exposed to more accidents on the road.

Tip 2: Agree on the fares before getting on Bangkok Tuk Tuk

The drivers are masters of hiking up the price, so when they give you a price it will most certainly be much higher than the actual price. Be friendly and have fun with your bargaining but never yell or get angry – that is a sign of huge disrespect here. One you get a price you are happy with just climb in and get ready to for the scenic drive.

Tip 3: Avoid overloading in Bangkok Tuk Tuk

There are no seatbelts so hold on tight and place your bags on the floor in front of you held by your legs. With only three wheels in a small vehicle frame, it is very easy for Tuk Tuk to tip over or steer out of control and cause an accident.

Tip 4: Bangkok Tuk Tuk are only ideal for short distance

Bangkok Tuk Tuk travel are not the most comfortable vehicles around and you will soon get tired. Sometimes it would cost the same, or even cheaper, to take a cab to the same destination, but it will go a lot faster.

Tip 5: Be careful about scams

Try to avoid any Bangkok Tuk Tuk driver offering unsolicited help. You can read about the Bangkok Tuk Tuk Scam in this link:Top 6 Bangkok Scams To Avoid