Top 10 Travel Problems Solved By Technology

Travellers often spend lots of energy, time, and money to visit places unfamiliar to them and unfamiliar with the local language. Challenges like catching some shut-eye on that dreaded red-eye flight home. Or arriving in a time zone 8 hours different than your own.

There is great technology out there helping to bridge the divide between travel problems and also connectivity issues that allows travellers to move about a destination with less stress.

Fret No More! Tackle these travel problems with the help from modern technology. Turn that red-eye flight into a shut-eye flight. Communicate with ease with the locals. Keep on top of weight gain.

Highlights include the ‘Anti Mosquito Sonic Repeller’ App, sending ultra- sonic frequencies to keep the pesky insects at bay.  If you are a sufferer from Jetlag, the ‘Jetlag Genie’ App is perfect for you, allowing you to enter travel details such as flight duration, time differences etc, so that the app can notify you when it would be best to nap, wake up, get fresh air, helping you to recover as fast as possible on your trip away. Trying to figure out the menu? ‘Word Lens Translator App’ can translates the words into English by simply hover your phone over foreign text.

Top 10 Travel Problems Solved By Technology

Travel Problems Solved By Technology


cr: thomas cook