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Singha Park - Chiang Rai, Thailand: Great Spot For A Day Out

Singha Park – Chiang Rai, Thailand: Great Spot For A Day Out

Singha Park Singha Park, one of Thailand's largest agro-tourism destinations, is situated just 10 kilometers from Chiang Rai downtown. Most drinkers would probably be familiar with the name "Singha". Singha is the national beer of Thailand, founded in the early...
Ruins From The Ancient City Ayutthaya

KenKoh.Asia Wins TAT Newsroom Blogger Campaign 2016

KenKoh.Asia recently won the TAT Newsroom Blogger Campaign 2016. We have gotten the NUMBER ONE spot for the most voted Photography category and runner up for the most voted Article category. Squeezing through nearly 200 entries in TAT Newsroom...
ArtBox Bangkok Night Market (Back In October 2016)

ArtBox Bangkok Night Market (Back In October 2016)

Missing ArtBox Bangkok already? Since it's closure in June at EM District, there has been lots of fans asking when will it re-open again. If you are new to Artbox Bangkok night market in Bangkok,...
Learn Thai Language Lesson 2)

Learn Thai Language (Lesson 2)

Learn Thai language can often be a stumbling block for many. Especially, if you would like to ask for directions, bargain, or even trying to blend with the locals, etc. If you do learn Thai...
Coffin Donation in Bangkok

Coffin Donation in Bangkok

Tuck at the corner of Wat Hua Lamphong, is the famous coffin donation temple and Ruamkatanyu Foundation. Spend your day in: One Day Guide To Bangkok Shrines For dead bodies found and unclaimed by family members or the...
One Day Guide To Bangkok Shrines

One Day Guide To Bangkok Shrines

Bangkok is an amazing city, from the endless shopping to the local delights and food stands on every single street — there's so much to do and see! Most importantly, Bangkok Shrines are probably one...
Maidreamin Bangkok - The Maid Cafe At MBK Center

Maidreamin Bangkok – Kawaii Maid Cafe At MBK Center

Maidreamin Bangkok is located in the heart of Bangkok, within the popular MBK Center. Themed cafes are popular in Bangkok. Ranging from country, pets, unicorns and even Hello Kitty. You probably would have heard...
Singapore Long Weekend 2017

Singapore Long Weekend Getaways in 2017 (CheatSheet)

Singapore long weekend 2017 would be a good year for long weekends getaways in Singapore. There are 11 days of Singapore public holidays and 7 long weekends already in the calendar year. With some clever...
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*MUST GO* Top 8 Bangkok Night Market

Bangkok's night market open your wallet to a whole new set of retail delights under the moonlight. With everything from clothes to food, they offer a great shopping atmosphere and also a good way...