Khao San Road (Bangkok, Thailand) Business As Usual

Khao San Road, the famous backpackers paradise in Bangkok, is business as usual for visitors to Thailand. With the first thirty days of the mourning period for Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej passed on 14 November 2016, the restrictions on festive celebrations and entertainment venues has been lifted. Music is back on the streets at Khao San Road. Having said that, do still maintain respectable behaviour during the year long mourning period.

Haven’t been to Khao San Road? Khao San Road is one of the best places to explore in Bangkok, especially if you’re a party-goer earthling.

Khao San Road (Bangkok, Thailand) Business As Usual - Dance

During the day, you shop, eat, drink and enjoy the usual Thai massage. When the night falls, it gets a little bit crazier.

Khao San Road (Bangkok, Thailand) Business As Usual - Day

You can find cheap restaurants, bars and clubs along Khao San Road. Not to mention, most of the clubs are entrance free (a “good to know” thing if you’re tight in budget).

Get to experience the nightlife of Thailand and socialise with other tourists over a couple of beers at Khao San road.

Don’t miss clubs like clubs are Lucky Beer and Khao Sarn Center. They have waiters and waitresses outside the clubs ready to accommodate you to your seats. They offer food like sandwiches, burgers, pasta and of course, delicious local Thai food. Drinks wise, you can order beer towers and alcohol in a bucket with soda/juice mix. Going alone? No problem! Grab a bottle of Singha Beer will do just fine. You may even get to know some new friends.

Khao San Road (Bangkok, Thailand) Business As Usual - party

A little advice: If you plan to go on weekends, try to go a little early around 9 pm, so you can get to choose a good spot to chill and probably start dancing when you gather enough courage from drinking. Just make sure to stay out of trouble and you are good to party your evening out at Khao San road.

The clubs closed around 3 to 4 am, but there are still lots of street food vendors hanging along Khao San road. People would usually go grab some street food and hangout till sunrise.

Khao San Road (Bangkok, Thailand) Business As Usual - Street Food

So, do include Khao San Road into your travel plans and enjoy your vacation to Land of Smiles, Thailand!