Thai Fried Ice Cream Rolls: Essentially a handmade ice cream made by pouring flavoured liquid milk ice cream with additional toppings onto an iced grill pan machine. The liquid milk ice cream is usually blended with fruits and other ingredients like chocolate, strawberry, macha or honey to make the base flavour. Additional toppings can be added in, from fruits to chocolate, nuts to oero biscuits which helps to enhance the ice cream texture.

How To Make AROI MAK Thai Fried Ice Cream Rolls ready to serve

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As soon as the liquid milk ice cream hits the pan, it starts to solidify and the chef has to act quickly on it with two metal spatulas. The mixture is smashed, mashed, chopped and “Fried” repeatedly until it is semi-solidify.

Once it’s smooth and frozen enough, it will be spread out evenly. Next, the chef will scraped them into rolls and served in a cup. Extra toppings are added at the end, to make them even more instagrammable.

It’s mesmerizing watching them making the Thai Fried Ice Cream Rolls from scratch. It all happens so quickly. You can expect sweet and yummy like ice cream with the soft, light and creamy texture. Crunchy oero toppings to spice up the game.

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The entire process takes about two minutes, and is just as much fun as the eating. You can find these Thai fried ice cream rolls in most Thailand night markets.

I had mine at INDY Market – Bangkok’s Latest Hipster Night Market. For only 50 Baht! Just $2!

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