Top 8 Best Aroi Mak Bangkok Street Food

For decades, Bangkok street food is one of the reasons, that kept tourists coming back for more. Every night, woks sizzled and the narrow roads are overflowed with hungry eaters. Locals and tourists waited anxiously for their share of the famous Bangkok street food at fold able tables by the roadside. Under the yellow street lights, street vendors served plates of Bangkok street food, stewed pork knuckle, pad thai, chicken rice.

Over the past year, Thai government have been actively cleaning up the city, clearing vendors from the walkways and narrow side streets. So don’t miss the chance as we gathered the Top 8 Best Aroi Mak Bangkok Street Food!

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Bangkok Street Food Top 1 to 4

Bangkok Street Food 1.

Top 8 Best Aroi Mak Bangkok Street Food bugs

Exotic Food – street vendors are selling different kinds of farm insects and tourists are amazed and thrilled to try this kind of food! They are crispy and some tastes like peanuts. 10 Baht for a pack of crunchy bugs.

Bangkok Street Food 2.

Top 8 Best Aroi Mak Bangkok Street Food fried chicken

Fried Chicken – All time favourite fried chicken! Their fried chicken are extra special because they are mixing some herbs to make it more delicious!

Bangkok Street Food 3.

Top 8 Best Aroi Mak Bangkok Street Food grilled squid

Grilled Squid – I am a seafood lover so, when I crave for some seafood, I will just go around the streets and buy some grilled squid and then mix it with spicy fish sauce! Yum!

Bangkok Street Food 4.

Top 8 Best Aroi Mak Bangkok Street Food seafood mixed noodles


Seafood Mix Noodles – If you want to upgrade your noodles and add some real seafood like shrimp, squid, crabsticks and some vegetables, you can easily find one here! It usually priced at 40 Baht.