Top 8 Food From Thailand Big C / Tesco Lotus

Thailand Big C And Tesco Lotus

Thailand Big C And Tesco Lotus Hypermarket is all over in Thailand. For many tourists coming over to Bangkok, there are some must buy!!! snacks and titbits. I personally witness tourists preparing their own carton boxes packing their trolleys of stuff from these hypermarket. Makes me wonder if they buying back to open provision shop???

Anyway, there are 2 popular Thailand Big C And Tesco Lotus Hypermarket located in the most convenient location in Bangkok which tourists like to frequent.

Big C Supercenter(Rajdamri)

Tesco Lotus (Sam Yan)

You must definitely check out the TOP 8 Must Buy Snacks From Thailand Big C And Tesco Lotus below!!! Don’t miss out any!!!

  1. Pretz (larb, fried, and roast flavors)
    Pretz (larb, fried, and roast flavors)

    It is much cheaper to get it in Thailand. There are some flavours exclusively available only in Thailand. Like larb, fried, tom yam and roast flavors.

  1. Royal Chitralada Milk Candy

    Royal Chitralada Milk Candy
    This is one of the famous candy in Thailand. Most thais have eaten before since young. It comes with two flavors, original and chocolate.

  1. Freeze Dried Durian MonthongFreeze Dried Durian Monthong

    You really got to try these Freeze Dried Durian from Thailand. I prefer this brand 🙂

  1. MaMa Instant Cup Noodle

    MaMa Instant Cup Noodle
    Mama is no.1 instant noodles in Thailand. My favourite is Yentafo Tom Yum Mohfai Flavor. If you are planning to buy in bulk, the hypermarkets have them nicely sealed in boxes for you. Yayyyy!!!!

  1. Bento Cuttlefish

    Bento Cuttlefish
    2 words… Spicy & Addictive. That’s why, you should buy at least a dozen back. Anyway, it’s cheap.

  1. Instant Thai Tea (ChaThai)

    Instant Thai Tea (ChaThai)
    After some spicy cuttlefish, how great it would be to have some cold ice tea. Recommend this brand, taste creamy and quite similar to what you get on the streets! Easy & convenient to make with these 3 in 1 sachet, quick to cool down your taste buds.

  2. Koh Kae

    Koh Kae
    Koh Kae peanuts go fantastic with ice cold beer. They also come with many different flavors like Tom Yum, BBQ, Wasabi, Shrimp and many more.

  1. Lays Potato Chips

    Lays Potato Chips
    Lastly, how can you miss out this smile 🙂 Lays!!! Favourite potato chips for all time!!! Let’s take a selfie first.