Popular Traditional Thai Sweet Desserts

When it comes to Thai food, main dishes such as Tom Yam and Pad Thai seem to have all the attention, whereas the traditional Thai sweet desserts tend to remain mostly unknown. Traditional Thai sweet desserts are made by many different ways like steamed, dip in sugar syrup, deep fried, baked and even boiled. To find these delicious traditional thai sweet desserts in Thailand, the best places tend to be street food vendors, local food courts and food markets. All perfect to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Each of these desserts is the fruit of a long tradition that has been passed on for generations. Here are 6 most popular traditional Thai sweet desserts.

Kanom Tuay is made in a small bite size porcelain cup. It has 2 layers,  the sweet chewy coconut milk based layer on the bottom with the thick coconut cream on top. It’s a blend of sweet and salty, sticky and creamy; heavenly!

Kao Tom Mud is a dessert served warm which includes the three different textures of sticky rice, black beans and bananas. A rich combination of color between the black beans, sticky rice and banana leaves, the coconut milk and sugar provide a subtle yet savory sweetness.

Kanom Sai Sai is steamed sweet glutinous dessert covered with extra deliciousness coconut custard added in and wrapped up in banana leaves.

Ta Koh is made with tapioca flour mixed with intense coconut cream and sugar as the main ingredients. Ta-koh has a various flavors by the ingredients used inside i.e. taro, truffle and corn. It’s often prepared in banana leaf or Pandan leaf wraps. The top layer is whiter and made from coconut milk and is very salty, the lower layer is very sweet and contains corn. The idea is that the two layers balance out, when eating this dessert you should take some from both layers with your spoon – a little sweet and a little salt.

Kanom Krok is cooked in a purpose-made pan, they form a dozen of little round cakes that are then put together to form a sphere, usually with some sweet corn and taro in between. These little sweets taste really good and are perfect for a stand-alone snack while shopping and sight seeing.

Kanom Piak Poon is prepared by stirring flour and red lime juice to make the mixture. Then is cooked in the pan. After finishing cooking, they are sprinkled with scraped coconut on the top. It has a lovely smell and beautiful colour from the pandanus leaves water and lime juice.