Talad Rot Fai Happening At Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

This could probably be the first and the last ever Thai Theme market aka Talad Rot Fai happening in a real railway environment, Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. This historic landmark would be closed by end of this year. Most likely this could be your last chance to bid farewell to the railway station as re-emerges as the Cantonment MRT station on the Circle Line.

Organised by the Singapore Land Authority and Fleawhere, Fantastic Thai Market will be happening on 12 September 2016. From 10am all the way till 9pm.

Fantastic Thai Market (Talad Rot Fai) will be featuring more than 100 food and merchandise stalls. There will also be live bands and Thai movie screenings “The Teacher’s Diary” on 7.30pm at Fantastic Thai Market.

Really awesome to be having Talad Rot Fai that we “Bangkok Goers” love happening right here in Singapore.

Come on down to Fantastic Thai Market (Talad Rot Fai) and you could probably catch me drinking Thai tea, taking selfies…

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