Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport is one of the busiest airport in Asia with over 50 million passengers travelling through. During some peak hours of the day, there would likely be a sudden surge in massive waves of passengers landing in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport at the same time. This is what happen few weeks back: Jam Pack queues at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport immigration exit.

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3 Tips To Speed Through Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Long queuecr: ChangTrixGet

There are also recent news of travellers being DENY entry to Thailand due to insufficient cash on body, despite showing hotel bookings, return tickets and credit cards.

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Therefore, here are 3 IMPORTANT TIPS to help you speed through Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport:

TIP #1

There is another secret well hidden immigration exit in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport! With virtually no queue at all. Most travellers don’t know about it. I have included a map for easier reference. You can also take a look at the YouTube video above.

3 Tips To Speed Through Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport secret exit

Most travellers arriving in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport are from international countries. Therefore, most travellers will be walking out of the planes from the right and turning left into the first immigration exit. You can actually ignore the first exit, and proceed on straight another 100 meters. You will find the second immigration exit in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport.

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TIP #2

This banner shows clearly the amount of cash you should be holding on, if the immigration officer happen to check.

3 Tips To Speed Through Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport visa entry cash

10,000 Baht Per Person and 20,000 Baht Per Family. Black and White written down.

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TIP #3

Using Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport AutoGate! Basically, its an automated immigration lane system where you scan your passport and fingerprints electronically. Speeding up the entire immigration clearance process. For now, the AutoGate is only opened for Thais and Singaporeans.

3 Tips To Speed Through Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport auto gate

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