Top 8 Thai Drinks From Street Stalls

Thailand is a land of scrumptious food where you can enjoy all kind of dishes from the streets. This is no exception with the list of Thai drinks that you can find along the streets of Thailand too.

In the heat of the day nothing is more refreshing that one of a cup of Thai drinks from the streett stalls.

The never-ending drink menus will exhaust you just to think about what to order. So here is a comprehensive list of the Top 8 Thai drinks from street stalls that you must try when in Thailand.

Take Note: Drinking from a plastic bag is completely normal in Thailand. Though, it is much more challenging to do so.

1. O-Liang (โอเลี้ยง)

O-Liang means iced black coffee, commonly known as Thai iced coffee. It is similar to Americano but not exactly the same. Oliang is a mix of coffee and other ingredients, which depends on the recipe but can be roasted rice and caramel then roasted with coffee beans. This results in a unique flavor with a taste similar to Americano.

2. Thai-style iced coffee (กาแฟโอเลี้ยง)

There are two different drinks though…one is an o-liang with milk and condensed milk (กาแฟโอเลี้ยง) and another is regular coffee powder with milk and condensed milk (กาแฟเย็น). For those who love milky drinks, adding milk to Oliang turns it into Cafe Boran, which translates to ancient coffee.

3. Iced coco drink

You will be ask whether you want Iced Ovaltine or Milo. Some stalls can even offer to blended into a frosty shake.

4. Pink Milk (นมเย็น)

Nom yen is popular among kids and Thai teenagers and those who do not consume any kind of caffeine drinks.  Nom Yen is made of fresh hot milk mixed with green or red syrup, then mixed with ice.

5. Thai tea (ชาเย็น)

Better known as Cha Yen to locals, Thai Iced Tea is one of the most traditional drinks of Thailand. Its bright orange color has attracted many curious eyes and its strong sweetness has got tasters hooked. Prepared hot or cold, there are many different variations to make the drink. Thai tea is mixed with sugar and one of the following; condensed milk, evaporated milk, coconut milk, or half and half.

6. Lime tea (ชามะนาว)

A Thai tea with a splash of sourness. It is said that it can help invigorate and rejuvenate the mind, calms an upset stomach.

7. Red Lime Soda (น้ำแดงมะนาวโซดา)

A fun way to enjoy your drink for those who doesn’t like caffeine from coffee and tea. You can also choose and adjust this drink according to your like. Some people like it without lime. Some don’t like a sparkling water.

8. Green Lime Soda (น้ำเขียวมะนาวโซดา)

Mix with a different syrup and WA LA!!! A new kind of taste from the same drink base.