Walk Walking Walked With Walkli

“Its’ the little details and the stories that emerged,” when i start slowing down my pace and experience Bangkok on foot. And that’s exactly what Walkli is all about~

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Walkli is an online travel platform that helps travellers explore cities by walking.
Bob: “What do you mean?”
Ken: “By mapping out self-guided walking routes, like this!”

Walk Walking Walked With Walkli Historical Walk Bangkok Chinatown

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Bob: “Cool~ did you map that Historical Walk (Bangkok Chinatown) in Walkli?”
Ken: “Yay… So now in one look, i can easily walk myself through Yaowarat neighbourhood. Not missing out the local Thai street food!”

Walk Walking Walked With Walkli yaowarat road

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Bob: “I just came back from my travels in Singapore. Can i map my own Walkli route?”
Ken: “Sure you can~ just sign up at Walkli.com and start creating your own Walkli routes.”

Walk Walking Walked With Walkli sign up

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Start exploring destinations on foot with Walkli community of travellers.

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