Huge improvement on the second weekend at ArtBox Singapore 2017: More entry and exit points, more spacious walkway and shorter queues! We are impressed! It felt really close to the original ArtBox Bangkok concept. Everyone was enjoying themself, so much smiles and laughter.

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ArtBox Singapore 2017 Highlights~ Overview

This would be your last chance to visit ArtBox Singapore 2017. Or you will have to wait another year for them.

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ArtBox Singapore 2017 Highlights~ Top View

ArtBox Singapore will be here till 23th April 2017, 11PM.

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ArtBox Singapore 2017 Highlights~ Seats

Next, Artbox will be travelling to Taipei, Taiwan. And Bali, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur are in their bucket list too.

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ArtBox Singapore 2017 Highlights~ tio smoke

Smoky Awayyyyyyy~

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