Chiang Rai Walking Street – Eat Shop Repeat

Chiang Rai Walking Street is located just 5 min walk away from the Clock Tower in the centre of the town. Chiang Rai Walking Street operates only on Saturday evening, therefore you could also call it Saturday Night Walking Street. Chiang Rai Walking Street runs along Thanalai Road for about 1km long, with stalls setup at both sides. The roads are closed off to cars from 5pm onwards, so you can expect more room to roam around.

Chiang Rai Walking Street is also Featured in: 3 Days In Chiang Mai And Chiang Rai (Northern Thailand) Itinerary

Side Note: Don’t miss the “Lasers and Music” show at the clock tower as the clock chimes the hour at 7, 8, 9pm. Designed by Thai artist Mr Chalermchai, who is also the man behind Wat Rong Khun aka White Temple.

Chiang Rai Walking Street - Clock Tower

As the clock chimes away, so is my growling stomach. Time for some local Thai street food: Chiang Rai Walking Street Vlog Style ~~

So if you still prefer the good old writing, read on….

Chiang Rai Walking Street offers great food, atmosphere and friendly people. Most shoppers are thai locals. It does get busy at times but that just adds up to the bustling feeling!

Chiang Rai Walking Street - Friendly Auntie

Be prepared to be surrounded by the fragrant smells coming at you in all directions, right from the entrance of Chiang Rai Walking Street.

Chiang Rai Walking Street - Fried Pancake

Grab some savory, delicious thai style fried pancakes to warm up your stomachs. Then onwards to the main course! Sink your teeth into this Rich, Juicy, Tender Thai style BBQ whole chicken! SHIOK LAH!

Chiang Rai Walking Street - BBQ Chicken

After the heavy main course, you probably need something light to fill up the gaps in your stomach. Try some fried insects for a change. Hmmmm, crunchy, a lit salty and Flavoursome 🙂 Top picks from Chiang Rai Walking Street 5555…Chiang Rai Walking Street - Fried Insects

Don’t forget to get some souvenirs along the way. Spotted this 20 Baht stall selling cute little bags, cards and notebooks. Don’t need to think too much. Just Buy Buy Buy ~~~
Chiang Rai Walking Street - Bags

And Ken eats happily ever after.

Chiang Rai Walking Street - Finale

The end…

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