Coffin Donation in Bangkok

Tuck at the corner of Wat Hua Lamphong, is the famous coffin donation temple and Ruamkatanyu Foundation.

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Coffin Donation in Bangkok

For dead bodies found and unclaimed by family members or the poor whom cannot afford proper burial, you can donate money of any amount (usually 500 baht) to help in the burial of the deceased. Whether personal reasons you are doing it for, you are doing a good deed.

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Thais believe that coffin donation is also a form of making merit which is a good way to accumulate good Karma for present and next life.

Coffin Donation in Bangkok

You can approach any of the ladies sitting behind the counter to indicate your desire to donate.

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Coffin Donation in Bangkok

You will be given a pink slip to have your name written onto it. You will also be given another receipt, which you will need it later.

Coffin Donation in Bangkok

Pray with the pink slip in hands towards the coffins. There will be some glue on the table at the back. Paste the pink slip onto the coffin after praying.

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Coffin Donation in Bangkok

Lastly, proceed to the temple beside, take the joss sticks at the front and pray accordingly to the numbered label alters. After finishing the last alter, burn the receipt which you have receive from the coffin donation at the joss bin at the center alter of the temple.

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have done a good deed / merit. Giving the dead a proper place to rest. Coffin donation brings me a sense of inner peace and contentment.

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