Thai Style Formula One Go Carts Racing - Mon Chaem, Chiang Mai

An hour drive will bring you to Mon Chaem from central Chiang Mai, where you get to see first hand of a Royal Project site – Baan Nong Hoi (The Royal Projects are funded by the King and the royal family as a way to reduce poverty, drive down negative environmental impact and benefit local economic).

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Mon Chaem is located at a mountain top which offers spectacular 360 degrees view of mountains all around you. During the monsoon season, you can expect amazing views of the fog that surrounds the mountain which makes you feel like on cloud 9. Mon Chaem is also home to the Hmong village, so i’m all set to be a Hmong for a day  😛

Thai Style Formula One Go Carts Racing - Traditional Hmong Shirt

For adventure seekers, you “die die must try” this exciting activity, which i call it: “The Mon Chaem Thai Style Formula One Go Karts Racing”. Find out how my driving skills fare in the video below:

Basically, you will riding a wooden Go Kart, which you steer with your feets and brake with the wooden handle bar. A curvy and bumpy 400 meters down the hill slope, which makes the whole racing thrilling and incredible.

After the Go Kart, don’t forget to enjoy the magnificent views in Mon Cheam. Grab a drink, have a seat and take a breather. Inhale the nature fresh air, feel the freshness in your lungs.

Thai Style Formula One Go Carts Racing - Mon Chaem, Chiang Mai - Mountain View

Go for a scroll down through the green meadow field at Mon Chaem. Feel your lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees.

Thai Style Formula One Go Carts Racing - Mon Chaem, Chiang Mai - Crops

Mon Chaem is one of the most perfect refreshment spots in Thailand. Although this is a popular destination for Thai locals, Mon Chaem is still quite a hidden gem among foreign travellers. If you do not want to get photobomb for every selfie shots, try to avoid the weekends and holidays, as Mon Chaem can get quite busy.

Bonus: Just around the corner, Baan Mon Muan in Mon Chaem offers breath-taking views from their restaurant, and villa style accommodation with stunning views and tranquil atmosphere.

Thai Style Formula One Go Carts Racing - Baan Mon Muan Restaurant View