Learn Thai Language Lesson 2)

Learn Thai language can often be a stumbling block for many. Especially, if you would like to ask for directions, bargain, or even trying to blend with the locals, etc. If you do learn Thai language and speak Thai, the locals will know that you have spent a significant amount of time in Thailand and is experienced enough to not accept an unreasonable price offer.

Learn Thai language will help you better understand the culture. The more you pick up the more you will understand Thai people, and easier you will find it to integrate into a community, enabling you to make Thai friends and understand local lingo.

Most importantly, you get to stop yourself from getting lost! Yes, the major towns were signposted in English, but off the beaten track will be mission impossible.

Learn Thai Language (Lesson 2) – The 10 Words And Phrases You Definitely Need

Take Note: Always end your sentences with the polite/formal word. For guys: Khrup. For ladies: Ka.

1. Yes / No – Chai / Mai

2. Don’t Understand / Understand – Mai Kao Jai / Kao Jai

3. How Much – Tao Rai

4.Where Is?  – Yu Tee Nai

5. Sorry – Kor Tode

6. Help – Chuay Duay

7. Not Spicy – Mai Phed

8. Left / Right – Tsai / Kwa

9. Thief – Kmoay

10. Can’t Speak Thai – Pood Thai Mai Dai

Enjoy and have fun in the Land of Smiles 🙂

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