Singha Park - Chiang Rai, Thailand: Great Spot For A Day Out

Singha Park

Singha Park, one of Thailand’s largest agro-tourism destinations, is situated just 10 kilometers from Chiang Rai downtown. Most drinkers would probably be familiar with the name “Singha”. Singha is the national beer of Thailand, founded in the early 1930s by Boonrawd Srethabutra. The export of Singha Beer worldwide has help travel and tourism awareness for Thailand.

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Singha Park - Chiang Rai, Thailand

Singha Park is owned by Boon Rawd Brewery, the company who produce Singha Beer, but visitors hoping to find endless supplies of Singha Beer are out of luck. Singha park open its gates to visitors in December 2012, is a family-friendly attraction.

Singha Park Hill View

You will be WOW by the spectacular size of Singha Park. Singha park is 8,000 hectares in size and situated 450 metres above sea level and spans over 12.9 kilometres. You can find many attractions in the park such as: Bike Trails, Zip Lines, Rock Climbing Tower, Animal Attraction Farms. Festival & Sports events are also held regularly in Singha Park.

For myself, i manage to muster the courage to get on the Zip lines. The 1.5km long zip line speeds you through Singha Park from the 9 storey tower with the tea plantation below your feets.Experiencing the adrenaline rush and the scenic view. What a MIX kind of weird feeling is this. But anyway, it’s super duper…

AWESOME!!! Balls almost drop…

See how tightly my hand holding onto “Mr Dear Safely Rope”. One of a heck Experience with 7 others along with me.

Or you can simply take the free farm bus tour and explore the 8000 hectares, Singha Park. You would notice that the well-known beer maker is also a large exporter of oolong tea. The vast abundant land is home to rubber trees, LOT’s of tea plantation, barley fields and others.

For families, you should take this opportunity to explore the giraffe and zebra farm where you can have a closer look and feed these animals.

Lot’s of selfies / welfies spots all over Singha Park. But you should not miss the no.1 spot which is the iconic Singha itself, right at the entrance. And that’s me…..

When You Have Too Much Singha Beer

EEEErrrrrr….. Reporting from Singha Park…. OK… Out….