Sneak Peeks At ArtBox Singapore 2017

2 more weeks till ArtBox Singapore 2017, the hipster night market debut foreign venture! Reading on… Some juicy new details~ As we’re excited to see how ArtBox Singapore will follow up on the ArtBox night market brand from Thailand. You can expect a local twist to ArtBox Singapore, to incorporate the feel of the Singapore night market edition.

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Some of the Highlights

Beer Market~ 

Sneak Peeks At ArtBox Singapore 2017 Chang Beer

Chang Beer is the official sponsor for ArtBox Singapore. Naturally, you can expect Chang booze and probably guys in Chang Beer singlets. Who doesn’t fancy some Chang beer with PadThai…

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Local and Thai Live Music Performance~

Sneak Peeks At ArtBox Singapore 2017 Live Music Band

How could the grandfather of hipster market, ArtBox Singapore be without live music band? Music is the Soul~~~~

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Fancy Decorations~

Sneak Peeks At ArtBox Singapore 2017 Lights

Dazzling fairy lights and and metal shipping containers backdrops in ArtBox Singapore. These are like the iconic stuffs in all Artbox night markets, how could you miss out on getting an instagram photo at Artbox Singapore with all the deco.

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Hipster Food Creations~

Sneak Peeks At ArtBox Singapore 2017 Dragon Breath

What’s a trip to Artbox Singapore, without trying out some of the creative food creations which will WOW your taste buds and visually tempting. Definitely going to try out the Dragon’s Breath desserts from Tio Smoke.

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Shopping Therapy~

Sneak Peeks At ArtBox Singapore 2017 Fashion Handicrafts

Watch out for exquisite handicrafts and more than 200+ fashion stalls on sale.

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