Yam Khang Fire Therapy is a unique and one of the kind healing massage technique which have long been practised by Ban Rai Kong Khing, a village located in northern Thailand, Chiang Mai. Don’t be alarmed! That there will be big bowls of oil and pot of coal red hot iron plate placed beside you before the Yam Khang Fire Therapy. It’s all part of the BBQ cooking utensils and ingredients. Joking lah… Chill~~~~~ Ban Rai Kong Khing is not a man eating village.

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Yam Khang Fire Therapy - Lucky Charms

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Before my Yam Khang Fire Therapy session, i was even warmly welcomed and greeted by the villagers at Ban Rai Kong Khing with their lucky charms made from pandan leaves. *Protecting me from what is coming up next ?!?!?!

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Yam Khang Fire Therapy - Hand Grabbing

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Onwards to the Peak of the show, Yam Khang Fire Therapy! The masseuse will first bathe their feet in therapeutic healing water infused with herbs, sesame oil and plai oil(a kind of ginger oil). The masseuse uses a stick to balance himself while working with one of his foot on you. He dips his foot in the bowls and then runs it over a red-hot iron plate before massaging your body with his foot.

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Yam Khang Fire Therapy - Massage

Yam Khang Fire Therapy will greatly relieve muscle aches. This out of the world form of massage therapy is truly amazing. Yam Khang Fire Therapy expertly targets and massage your pain points away. After each session, Yam Khang Fire Therapy leaves you more revitalising, energizing, rejuvenating, revivifying, refresh!!

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I’m truly amazed by the masseuse that he was able to give such a strong massage pressure just by using the strength of his toes. He deserve the quote: 黄金右腿

Yam Khang Fire Therapy - Thumbs up

Take Note: At times, the heat on the iron plate can be so hot that whenever the masseuse runs his foot over the iron plate, the soaked foot explodes in a loud WHOOSH accompanied with a fireball! POWER!! Yam Khang Fire Therapy: Truly also a visually satisfaction experience!

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If you would like to experience for yourself, do come on down to Ban Rai Kong Khing. Show your support for community based tourism in Thailand. They have also won the Tourism Inspire Award 2015 by the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) and various Thailand Tourism Awards from the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)

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  1. Hi
    I’d like to have an experience for myself. I have been suffering from Overactive Bladder that wakes me up 6
    times a night to go to toilet. I will be in Chiang Mai from mid of January next year for a month.
    Please let me know your Address and Phone number.

  2. Hi,
    I will be in Chiang Mai coming May and wld like to hv an experience for myself.
    Plsa advise how to make reserve and address. Thank you.

  3. Hello my name is Merete, I am alone this week in Chiang Mai, and I would like to learn the foot-of-fire massage these days.
    Please if you can send me address and price and know if I can learn with you.
    I am looking forward to your response.